Weekend Pleasures

I do enjoy the weekend – I’m sure we all do !  It’s that feeling of “I can if I want to ” rather than “I must “.

The weather has been stormy but I’ve still been able to get out and about although Saturday was in a shopping mall. My exercise is walking and I clock up at least 30 minutes per day – more if I can.   This morning I walked from home to Sai Kung town. I enjoy this though it would be better if there was a coastal path. It just under 8 km so not a bad walk at all.  👣👣👣👣👣

Weekends also are for me to enjoy cooking – or just prepping food for the week. I’m trying out new recipes from my Paleo books and some shared from the Internet. The secret to enjoying Paleo and Whole 30 is to make sure that the food is interesting.

Inevitably I am trying out new foods – today’s was Coconut Manna (butter). Oh my – where have you been all my life !  It has the most decadently yummy taste. I’m looking out for recipes to use it – but dipping apple slices in it is currently hitting the spot !

Whole 30 isn’t about losing weight – it’s about resetting your digestion and getting yourself in optimal health. Weight loss is a nice side effect though and judging by the comments I’ve had this weekend the weight is going 😊. How much exactly we will wait till next Sunday to find out 😱


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